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Jaded Furries
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Sunday, March 14th, 2010
8:48 pm
Friday, June 12th, 2009
1:30 pm
Friends should let furry friends commit crimes
Some interesting back and forth on the furrymedia community regarding that kid who was turned in for fucking a dog by two other furries.

Here's the link.

I wonder how many others would agree with targeting the two people who turned in the guy rather than the guy himself? Then you have another string of comments from another individual blasting the OP as a troll for making the post in the first place.

I guess I am jaded with the fandom in that I do agree it's suspicious a couple furries were watching a guy fuck a dog and then turned him in. Was it some drama or revenge for a perceived slight or is it indeed by some bizarre twist of fate that two upstanding furries found themselves watching a crime being committed and had to act? Still... it's important to remember that the guy they turned in was fucking a dog!
I get that it was stupid for them to bring up furry to the police, that needs some explainin', but being in the same fandom doesn't equate to some protective shield from the laws of the mundanes. This is why we've got so many creeps safely snug inside their popularity blanket.

I should state that honestly, unless there's some real damage going on, if it doesn't really affect me then I really don't think I'd be jumping into the middle of it. For whatever reason, as some have stated in some of the posts and comments on this subject, those two furs decided to take action - what gets me is raising the person who committed the crime while attacking those who made him account for it. And in a more general sense, this isn't just for this one incident - there are other examples out there I'm sure concerning the tearing down of someone informing a public that clearly doesn't want their celebrity tarnished with silly things like facts and truths, they might actually have to acknowledge making a mistake about kissing that person's ass.
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
2:42 am
Why is it furries defend anything?
Examples include:
dog raping
twenty-breasted-herm-elephants drawn badly in mspaint

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
11:18 am
When the idols are tainted, who do you look upto?
Late post on this subject matter.  So apparently <a href="http://unclekage.livejournal.com/97374.html">Uncle Kage</a>, conhead for the largest furry convention Anthrocon, recently was asking for donations to renovate his kitchen.  In return he was offering to give up alcohol for a some time.  The oriignal post was so bitched at that he took it down awhile back, I wish I thought to screep cap it or post it to this community earlier.

Normally this would fall under usual furry bullshit but for the figurehead of the largest furry convention, the guy who likes to be a big player in furry affairs and media attention, is asking for a handout in return for his own sobriety... I think theres some real issues with the people that are being elevated in this fandom (yes, I know that point has been done to death in the past).  More annoying still is his justification of his donations post:

Three things to comment on, in response to some appropriate questions raised in the original entry:

1) Scientists don't make as much money as you think. Maybe good ones do. But ones like me make less than many software engineers and programmers do.

2) Convention appearances for this year are either payed for out of the kindness of the organizers, or have already been paid on credit months ago. Next year I have only two conventions planned outside of Anthrocon due to budgetary constraints.

3) A club? You are very nice. The Gryphon's the professional, however. I'm just an old guy who talks too much.

I'm sure scientists make a lot more money than the people their soliciting for donations.  And I'm sure there are so many braindead fanbois to give him a fair amount of cash. 

This whole post may be moot, he took down the origiinal donations posts after too many furs got on his case.  But it's certainly not the last time he'll be looking for handouts - he's in the past asked for money so he can have a nice vacation, so his parents could do on vacation or buy something or whatever. 

How do these people get elevated in the fandom to such status?  Its not just fanbois who drool over them.  I dont get it.
Friday, March 21st, 2008
12:30 am
Don't you just love this?
Isn't it fun when somebody posts something to a community, and then they delete it when they don't get instant aggreemment? It's totally hilarious. And it's even more fun when said post was spammed to every single community they're part of, and they didn't even bother to check the rules about off topic posts. That's just awesome. Epic, even. It gets even MORE epic when this said somebody gets the off topic post removed by the mods, and makes yet another off topic post apologizing for the off topic posts,and then gets thrown out of the community, that's made of WIN.

Oh yeah.

Current Mood: evil
Monday, August 27th, 2007
1:24 am
Ken's Furry Drinking Game!
I've invented a new drinking game: The Furry Drinking Game.

Log on to your favorite gathering of furries. This can be LiveJournal, WikiFur, FurryMUCK, Tapestries, Furcadia, FA or DA, or your local forums.

If you come across a furson who is "incredibly toned" or has washboard abs, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who has an hourglass figure, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who is a female, yet their player is a male and plans on staying male, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who has "deep, incredibly soulful eyes", take a shot.
If you come across a furson who is armed with a katana, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who has multiple tails yet is not a kitsune, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who describes themselves by comparing themselves to a popular anime such as Inuyasha, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who based their character off an existing cartoon, comic or video game character, take a short. If the furson IS the character, make it a double shot.
If you come across a furson who is Wingerized, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who has an illicit incestual affair with a family member, take a shot. If both characters are played by the same player, make it a double shot.
If you come across a furson who is the furry equivalent of a twink, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who is a completely impossible hybrid, take a shot. Now, you may say well, 98% of fursona hybrids are genetically impossible. I'm referring to people who create outlandish fursonas, such as otters who are mixed with deer and dolphins and eagles and I don't know what else. Wolfcats, folfs, foxdragons, etc are ok.
If you come across a furson who has magical powers along the lines and level of Goku from Dragonball, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who naturally has a symbol or word or phrase occuring in their fur, take a shot.
If you come across a furson who is a particular species, but all art of them looks like a totally different species, take a shot.

If you want to make this a meme, finish your bottle, then repost this in your journal along with your own added line.

Monday, August 13th, 2007
1:09 pm
Looking for a pic
Looking for a pic that I saw online a few years ago, probably on a site such as PoE or SA, which showed a comparison of the ideal versus the reality of furry. It had an idealic setting for the online fantasy of furry - a few anthros relaxing near a lake, very airy art style to it. Then next to it, a relity of furry, a fat person sitting in a dark room only lit by the light of his monitor, you can see that the room is a mess but all his attention is on the computer.

Anybody else see this pic? Unfortunately I no longer have a copy.
Monday, August 6th, 2007
12:41 am
I think this sums up a lot of single males in the fandom.
Friday, August 3rd, 2007
5:37 am
A bit of a revelation.

Furries have absolutely nothing in common with each other as a standalone community, that's solely theirs.
What's their common ties? Anime? Science fiction? Costume building? Art?
These all fall in other fandoms that just get brought into furry.
If none of these 4 interest you, what do you talk about then? Drama, of course.
Try it. Get together half a dozen random furries. Especially ones that are weekend furries. The gossip is the only thing to talk about.

This doesn't just occur amongst strangers either. This is a common thread in close friends. Or even better those fairweather friends.
People think that if they help further drama and take sides (preferably the winning side), instant popularity.

Current Mood: annoyed
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
12:54 pm
Quentinor is still butthurt over Jaded Furs and also endorses stalking.
So apparently the LJ user Quentinor is still asshurt over the verbal lashing he received in this community in this thread: http://community.livejournal.com/jaded_furs/18119.html

It's kind of hard to see what the whole deal was about unless you were there at the time due to Quentinor deleting all his responses as a supreme move of asshattery.

Keep in mind that up until the above thread - Quentinor had been using this community and had made a number of responses in other threads.

Weeeell - recently I had to lock down my own journal due to a stalking issue, though I left a general advisory message up for the guy in general saying I'd consider notifying his isp if he continued to pull the shit he was pulling. Fun and games is fine folks but stalking is seriously >:(

Anyways - the LJ entry in question that had the 'back off' message to the guy I was having problems with is dated 7-13. I received this response today from quentinor:

So..... You are finding out it does not feel so good to get back what you dish out! Does it? Personally... you broght it on yourself and with you running little online "Hate and bigotry groups". No wonder you are getting stalked. It finally came back and bit you in the arse! Maybe he's doing it for "Teh Lul'z", and deservingly so. Perhaps you should try observing some of those "ISP rules" yourself and apply it to some of your little hate cliques.

So why don't you go have a nice cup of S.T.F.U. and enjoy!!!

*lulz* What goes around comes right back around.

Apparently as maintainer of this community I have a 100% influence over what people write in here and I am the person to bitch out ;3. Keep in mind this is the guy who told everyone off for telling someone to die in here and saying that karma was going to get them. Apparently endorsing stalking is okay and not applicable to karma.

Just for the record this community is about bitching over shit in general and I really have no desire to play content nazi(even though my icon fits). The end. (Or not, if he posts moar in my journal - in which case all lol material will be posted here.)
Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
1:17 am
Furaffinity and black mold and extortion, oh my.
There's a really good reason why I tend to not go near those free furry art hosting places - one being that it's usually a group of friends who decide making a furry art community/server is a pretty good idea - and go in with little business experience beyond friendship.


Apparently Alkora Husky, an admin/DNS owner of FA tried to extort about $8,000 from one of the top admins by stating that he was thinking of selling the FA domain name for 10-15k(?) but was willing to give a 'deal' to Preyfar for a cool $8,000. Wow, what a deal!

Quoted admin message below:

Fur Affinity is offline temporarily.

Upon coming home tonight, Alkora approached me in IM and said he was having monetary issues due to college and, apparently, an unfortunate case of black mold. He then proceeded to inform me he was considering selling Fur Affinity to the highest bidder and was looking for $10,000, but would "make me a deal" for about $7-8,000.

Naturally, I took great offense to that. It almost felt like extortion. "Here, you pay me a $8,000, or I'll sell it to the highest bidder and you and everybody else will lose!" A rather damned if you do, damned if you don' moment.

I have dumped thousands of my own dollars into Fur Affinity, and all that Alkora has paid for... is the domain registration fee. That's it. Yes, we've all sunk hard earned time and money into the site, but he decided he wanted to sell the site for profit. Profit off of massive money I, and countless contributers put into the site. Over $15,000 worth of donations since June 2006, and that's nothing to laugh at.

Naturally, I hate two words for that, and they both ended with explicitives.

Alkora decided to re-direct his DNS for the site and post a rather nasty message, blaming me. Well, that's right. The blame all lies in me, because I refuse to pay thousands of dollars for what I have been primarily supporting financially by myself since December 2005. Alkora has barely spent a single penny on things, and I have the bills to prove it. I have the invoices for servers and hosting fees in my name. He created it, and for that I am thankful, but I am not going to bend over and pay to keep the community's site alive.

FA is not dead, and will return.

We're working on restoring services right now. Rest assured, your data is safe. I own the servers and they're currently in a secure position, and there's no worry of loss. As co-owner, I have kept the site secure, and as co-owner for FA, I am not going to see the site go under for one person's greed.

The site is a community site, not a business. I intend to keep it that way. I will not see Fur Affinity go under because somebody wants to auction it off to the highest bidder.

in short words, jheryn aka alkora = huge pussy

Alkora, owner of FA's DNS tries to extort head admin of FA for 7,000-8,000, citing 'college expenses and black mold'
Head admin is pissed, informs people of Alkora's actions of lack of investment in actual web page as opposed to his own bills of various expenses for the site (server, etc)

Alkora retaliates by pulling FA's DNS / The staff at FA revoke Alkora's access and/or start backing up server data/moving things to another location. I don't know the specifics on this part.

That must be a really bad case of black mold I guess?
Saturday, July 7th, 2007
8:46 pm
Should Jaded_Furs ban Starblade y/n
Currently Starblade has been:
I) Spamming this community with shit that should be in his own LJ, not here
II) Acting Emo and claiming he will be an hero because we all hate him so much
III) Trying to get attention and hugs from a community that could give a fuck about furry in general
IV) Possible trolling (Though honestly I'd say it's more for attention rather then to troll)
V) Has not yet claimed that he's doing it for the lulz

I really don't care if he stays or goes because this is all getting to be pretty funny - but on the same token it's getting a little old, especially the suicide shit. Up to you guys if he should stay or go. Vote with a comment here.
5:52 pm
Whatever happened to the parody journal starfag? I mean, aside from a mutual acquaintance of mine having reported it because apparently someone was trying to imitate me. A totally trumped up charge, by the way.

Does anybody have a copy of the contents, both posts and comments, so that I may see for myself? I personally think the concept is hilarious.

Isn't it a shame that there aren't more furs with a sense of humor about themselves?

Current Mood: curious
Friday, July 6th, 2007
3:28 pm
Judge, and be prepared to be judged.
I'm not trying to start drama here. I'm just noting that, being that we are furries who are complaining about furres, a number of us have done stuff in the past we're not proud of. Does this then mean that we can't point out other people who are also doing bad stuff? It's not really a double standard if you are ashamed of what you've done and are in the process of of cleaning yourself of age old BS, and then to offer constructive criticism about what other furs are doing, or even just venting your frustrations.

I've been hit up for yiff before, and have clearly indicated that I did not wish to do this, and they've either complained or simply ignored me.
I've offered advice to other furs and then they try to start drama about how I'm not accepting them for who they are.
I've been backstabbed, tossed around like an old shoe, and trampled on like I'm a doormat.
I've even been stalked. It does not feel good.

Yet I rarely complain about these things for fear that someone's going to come along and talk about all the stupid things I've done, no matter how far they are in the past. Am I to understand that you have to have a 100% clean record in order to have legitimate complaints about other furs? The funniest thing is that the people who chastize me aren't pure and clean themselves.

Just something to think about. If I'm not supposed to throw stones in glass houses, maybe you shouldn't either.

Current Mood: amused
1:29 am
Why I am a jaded fur has to do with this subject.

Furries, or many of them, are not at all concerned with their own wellbeing, except insofar as it contributes to the furry aspect of their life. They also tend to hate those who want to better themselves, including bettering themselves materially and socially.

I have no qualm with those who not only actually do something with their lives, but don't begrudge others who want to do the same.

Then again, when you idolize animals and creatures that don't exist, real life as a human on Earth tends to pale in comparison.

It's not just furry that has this problem. Indeed, I am jaded about most of humanity. Who isn't nowadays? I have good reason to be jaded.

Much apologies for the inappropriateness of my previous post. I was engaging in some admittedly shifty behaviour. However, you can be certain that this post better reflects me. You could say I'm showing my true colors.

Selfishness is a good thing, as long as you're RATIONAL about it and don't try to interfere with other people's right to be selfish as well.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, July 5th, 2007
9:26 pm
Tips on being good. All caps used to emphasize points.
These are my tips on being a good furry. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt.

1. Don't assume the worst about someone, even if the person is a real jackass.

Furries are dramawhores. They love it. Drama to them the only thing better than getting a real horse penis in them and dying from the spooge. Drama would stop if furries would just be more relaxed. You know, take a chill pill. Most furries won't because most furries would like the biggest E-Penis there is out there. To reiterate: Maybe, just maybe, "benevolent" actions taken really are for the sake of the other person. Christ, talk about a catch 22, and about furries not willing to listen to good advice if it fucking smacked them right in the face.

2. Take responsibility for your actions; do NOT blame anybody but yourself.

This is the nicest thing you could do. You accept the consequences of being a complete flaming furry, and that's it. You don't go blaming it on your abusive parents or your aspergers or whatever your excuse is. Most furries, however, like to blame fursecution. Well guess why people fursecute you? BECAUSE YOU FRACKEN WHINE ABOUT IT! Clearly I understand that one has to be responsible for ones life, as well. Wasn't that implied? The one naturally leads to the other.

3. Accept that there is no middle ground between being furry and being mundane.

If you wank to furry fetishes you are a furry. If you don't, you are not. It is as simple as that. Yes, this is mainly directed at pseudofurs. But really they aren't less furry, they're juts less stupid. Pseudofurs should be called stupid-free furs. Furthermore, just because you roleplay as a funny animal doesn't mean you're furry. You could just like funny animals. I guess it's really a moot point because of how ill defined furry is. However, it was clearly implied that what I mean is that furries are anyone who wanks to furry art forms and mundanes are anyone who doesn't.

That's about it for now. Yeah, being nice is good. Being silly and weird is okay. Being an utter animal? Not so good. Why? BECAUSE YOU'RE HUMAN!

Current Mood: calm
4:28 pm
7chan vs Anthrocon
(To start off - I'm pretty neutral here. I think either side 'winning' would be pretty funny.)

So apparently a fatwa was issued against Anthrocon by some people over at 7chan. The thread involved can be found at:

Link removed - go to 7chan.org and check random - thread is stickied there so it will be at the top.

7channers, /b/ are urged to road trip their way down to AC and stage a (peaceful) protest. This leads to anony comments suggesting violence between the two parties, bomb threats, smearing red pepper fragments/juice on the rails that people would touch in the hopes of creating unrest. Pretty dumb idea IMO - considering some kid could end up getting hurt. It's hard to say if it's /b/ making such suggestions - or people who are trying to frame the /b/ crowd. Anonymous is anonymous, after all.

Cue furries responding to entries in said thread. Cue return fire from 7chan inhabitants. There is so much promise of a large /b/lackup and that 7chan will be there in force to protest. Someone takes a picture of the protest as of 7/5/07 that consists of 2 people dressed up in classic 'Pool's closed' man(among other names :3) attire, and 2 people who are there without any props. Total of 4 people.

title or description


title or description

I don't know what's going on in the second picture - but it looks like everyone is having fun and nobody is really irked at each other. Picture looks staged.

People poke fun for what seems to be a lackluster raid - though 7chan is promising a huge turnout on Saturday, which is 7/07/07(7chan and 7/07/07 etc). Supposedly this is the date the real raid is supposed to take place - though there's still a lot of accusations that this was all drawn up on the fly right before the convention and really it's going to be rather ...eh.

Someone posted this picture at some point:

title or description

Not quite sure what will come of the whole thing - but if anyone has any new info - please post it and let us know what crazy antics are taking place. :3
7:33 am
LJ convention related post counts rise *during* conventions?
In some ways - it almost seems like online life takes precedence more then RL. I've noticed that the post count on livejournal actually(?) rises much moreso it seems when the convention is taking place then the weeks leading up to it.

I can dig the whole 'Posting mah pix online so my lovelies back at home can see the fun' but it seems like a lot of people go online at conventions for no specific reason. I usually hit up one convention a year, local to me in Cali - and it boggles me to see a lot of people on internet-ready computer terminals set up in specific areas just for people who want to go online to talk to others while at the convention.

Also there will no doubt be many post con depression entries from people who were able to go. I've never understood the whole 'PCD' thing. I mean - you were able to go and have fun..chill with friends and hit up some parties - why be sad? RL - the unfurry version should not be that scary or that unpleasant when you come back from a few days of having fun, ja?

Post not done to create drama - honest. :3
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
2:48 pm
People who lock comments on their posts
Still suck.

Edit: as may be noticed here, he's added comment deleting to his list of internet sins, along with comment locking on public posts. Should anybody care to read, I can provide a full archive of vanished comments. They're pretty dang funny, I think.

A fine, sterling example of why furry has such a bad reputation. You really can't blame it on the media (although they certainly don't help much) it's pretty much the fault of the idiots among our own numbers, sadly. We've got communities for yiff-free furry. I'd like to see a community for stupid free furry.

*ahem* Deleting entire posts? Even more sucky than deleting comments.

Current Mood: MASSIVELY amused.
1:45 pm
Question to the community.
So... I realize that this is not drama awesome*. But I have a wonderful, drama-tastic demonstration of why, exactly, I am so jaded about furries. Shall I just say "furry drama is hilariously amusing, but I'm not sure I want to be associated with a fandom that tends to act like they're six" and leave it at that, or would posting actual logs of the whole mess be approrpriate? Posting said logs would quite possibly cause a massive drama-strom, given the content, but see above about "hilariously amusing."

Your thoughts appreciated.

*No, I'm not going to post it to drama awesome. The fact that EVERY SINGLE POST I've ever read there ends up in furry bashing makes me roll my eyes too hard. I'm not going to hand them yet another excuse to say that all furries are morons. Some furries aren't, and the stereotype irritates me.
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