Jaded Furries

Got a bone t'pick with Furry fandom? This might be the place for it.

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This community is for furries, ex-furries, and anyone else who has either seen furry for what it is at the start or for those who find themselves increasingly disillusioned as to what it has become the longer they have been around to see common furry behavior and the sorts of things that go on within furry itself.

This community may not be as hard-line as some other anti-furry communities out there - but make no mistake - there are many of us here who perceive furry to be a perverted little child in need of a long overdue spanking.

Whether you're affiliated with the SAFurs(Something Awful), antifurs, *chan, or just somebody who really would like to see furry-fandom clean up their act or go F**k itself - feel free to pull up a chair and have some tasty biscuits and tea-cakes.

This community follows Livejournal TOS and AUP. Jaded Furs and its maintainers are not responsible if you do not receive a response or outcome that you had anticipated.